No one will read this

Don’t ask me why I made this site, because I don’t know. Seriously, no one cares. Personal blogs are the equivalent of telling someone how your brackets are doing or discussing your fantasy football draft. HOWEVER! After reading some really cool trip reports over the past year (Janie Hayes, Damon Taafe, et al.), I have been inspired to at least write up the stuff I do, share the pictures I take, and talk about some of the stuff going on in the world of dumb endurance.

Mostly, I want a public reminder to myself to never, ever stop doing stupid stuff.

5 thoughts on “No one will read this

  1. I generally keep away from the wormhole called blogs… I’m a bit allergic to them to be honest…. but this is going to be an awesome ride. I can’t wait…. keep not coming!


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