About me

I’m Chris Shue. Up until about 2012 I was an extremely overweight, really salty daily car commuter. At my wit’s end, I finally bought a bike and started commuting to work. Soon after, I entered a winter riding competition and tried to ride as much as possible to help our team win.

We won!

The people I met through the DC area bike community have been a gateway to incredible rides and lots of stupid human tricks. Now I am about 50 pounds lighter and I can finally run without killing my legs and ankles and feet. So I do that, too. I want to do all of the dumb endurance shit – TransAm Bike Race, India Pacific Wheel Race, Western States 100, Barkley Marathons, you name it. We have a very short time on this planet, and outside of my family, there is nothing I love more than this.