2018 Starts Now

Now that winter is starting to recede a little, I can be counted on to be less of a little bitch. That’s really good for everyone because I know that nothing is worse than listening to me complain about shit. It’s draining. That’s all in the past now because I now have what looks like a HONEST-TO-GOODNESS goddamn semi-professional schedule of athletic events on the calendar. 2018 is going to be lots more long rides, some runs, some gravel, and so much climbing I will bleed tears of happiness.

2016-07-10 08.25.52

Warmer, happier times.

Here’s what we’re looking at (for now):

3-23: Gettysburg out and back: here is approximately how many centuries AND/OR long rides I have done this year: 0. I am waaaay behind my annual goal of 10,000 miles. My year essentially starts with this ride. IT IS DUMB. IT WON’T EVEN BE FUN.

3-30: Michaux Meander 300K: this is a DC RUSA sponsored brevet. My goal is to finish it in under 12 hours. There is zero fucking chance that is actually happening, but I want to have a spectacular failure on my record early in the season.

4-7: DC RUSA Team Fleche: Team Shady is back for another 24 hour ride on a hellaciously difficult route. Just 20k feet of climbing, NO BIG DEAL. If this doesn’t kill me, the following week will because…

4-16: Boston Marathon: Long time dream, finally actually happening. Have not been running a ton, so the goal here is to have fun and to run a qualifying time in the off-chance I have such a good time I want to run again next year.


My first Boston qualifying attempt a while back. Didn’t go so well!

5-27: Dirty Double Cross – 200 miles of Pennsylvania gravel. Free. Probably the best ride I will get to do all year.

6-23: Garrett County Gran Fondo: Team climbing competition AND the hardest ride I’ve ever done AND the closest I have ever come to unclipping on a climb. Very excited to return.

Okay – that’s the official stuff. There will also be another Everest attempt (Savage Mountain), a GAP-C&O unsupported in under 24 hours attempt, Skyline Out and Back, and a Super 600 (600K with at least 35k feet of climbing). That will take us to the fall where it will be time for trail races and cyclocross.

Aaaand…that doesn’t count the pre-dawn hill rides, or ferry rides, or weekend gravel, or group runs. Probably no swimming though. Maybe. Anyway…

Let’s do this.

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