Back for more stupidity

It’s been too long.

I haven’t written for a solid six months and I, uh…that’s just not healthy. I’m convinced that, just like physical exercise, your well-being is heavily tied to your creative output. I think I became hung up on writing these epic trip reports, instead of just using this site for what it is – a good place to make notes about the stupid shit I was attempting along with the pics and video and stories I accumulated along the way.

I do have a couple of trips I need to write about – mainly the Everesting of Dickey Ridge (capitalized to make it sound like a thing) – but also my first cyclocross race, my first Garrett County Gran Fondo, and my attempt to qualify for the first wave at the Boston Marathon (I did, barely, and it was predictably ugly).



I feel like this year has gotten off to a slow start, but is going to start ramping up as the weather turns and the daylight hours stretch. Skyline Out and Back, 24 hour fleche, 200 mile Dirty Double Cross gravel ride, Garrett County, and GAP/C&O Unsupported are all things that are things either on the calendar or going on the calendar. I’m also obsessed with buying a new road bike and a new cx bike and if there’s one thing worse than reading about someone shopping for a new bike, it’s having to put up with stories about two new bikes.

So apologies in advance for a lot of words ABOUT ME, but I could not be more excited for what’s to come.

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