Spring in DC

I’m not smart enough to understand WHY the weather has been so schizophrenic in 2017. I just know that it has. The order of it seems all screwed up, with warm windy days coming way before the major cold snaps hit and put a hurting on all the beautiful spring blooms.

On Tuesday I was riding to work with Cyndi and Rob and we decided to make a detour to the Tidal Basin to get a look at the cherry blossoms before the storms finally did them in. We got lucky and found a great alternate spot for pics that is at least a little removed from the regular pedestrian stampede.

2017-03-28 08.43.31

It was raining with thunder in the distance but some breaks in the clouds made for really cool lighting. We took some great pictures of storm clouds rolling over the Jefferson Memorial, with the cherry trees lining the Tidal Basin. I felt extremely middle-aged, gushing like an idiot over how beautiful everything was.

2017-03-28 08.44.59.jpg

I am so happy Spring is here.

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